Who said “having your cake and eating it too” was a bad thing?
At Chef Sugar’s Cakes and Confections, it’s encouraged!

Chef Heidi Trelstad at Chef Sugar’s with sculpted cake

Chef Sugar’s Cakes and Confections is a cake studio and retail bakery in Colorado Springs, CO offering custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and more!

Chef Sugar’s opened in October of 2010 offering a unique bakery/cake studio concept with a chic lounge where we strive to impress with creations focusing on all the latest trends in everything sweet!  Our studio is an open kitchen style bakery, where you can enjoy a dessert while watching edible art come to life.  To get an idea of what we make as well as what we can show you how to make, browse through our portfolio to see just what to expect.

If you missed Chef Heidi Trelstad on Food Network’s Halloween Wars season 5, watch here: